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Problem starting your car? The issue may be your car's alternator. The alternator supplies electricity to your vehicle and charges the battery while the engine is running. A bad alternator can cause a dying or weak battery, flickering headlights, electrical failures and more. Read more about symptoms of a bad alternator here:  ... read more


Did you know that windshield wipers typically need to be replaced twice a year? Now is the perfect time to check your wipers and replace them if needed since we are nearing the Autumn season. Any signs of fraying, tearing, or cracking can indicate a replacement is necessary. Wipers are one of those important things we forget about until it is too late. Replacing them on a schedule or maintaining them is a more effective way of making sure they are always ready to be used.  https://youtu.be/Pm3VPVXDDJU #maintenanceisimportant


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